Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop turns any web browser into a PC, starting at $60/user per month.


Itopia is one of the largest authorized commercial hosts for Intuit’s QuickBooks.

Office 365

Itopia is a Microsoft Partner and an Office 365 Migration Expert.

Cloud Launcher

Enables companies to quickly deploy almost any application in the cloud.

Information technology is a powerful and indispensable business tool, but it can also be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating to purchase, use and maintain.

At itopia, our vision is to make information technology easy. No more costly equipment purchases. No more lost data. No more IT headaches. Just unmatched flexibility, security and scalability for your organization and its employees. Anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Founded by recognized industry visionaries, we're committed to bringing innovative, easy-to-use technologies to market and providing unmatched support to our customers. We take you out of the IT business so you can focus on growing your business.